Which subscription plan is the right one for me?

Which subscription plan is the right one for me?

Each ApprovalMax product (ApprovalMax for Xero and ApprovalMax for QuickBooks Online) has three plans (Standard, Advanced, Premium) that differ regarding the available features.

 The best option depends on your needs. If you want to use only the predefined workflows that integrate with 
Xero or QuickBooks Online, then the Standard or Advanced plan is right for you.

If you also want to work with other workflows, such as leave or travel approvals, the Premium plan is the one for you because it includes stand-alone workflows.

You can combine two or more plans to make the best possible choice for your requirements.

ApprovalMax for Xero

  1. Bill approval
  2. Purchase Order approval
  3. Sales Invoice approval
  4. Credit Note approval
  5. Dext integration
  6. CIS Deduction scheme (UK)
  7. Watchers
  8. Price Checker
  9. Reports
  10. Slack integration
  11. Basic support
  1. Standard plan features
  2. Contact approval
  3. Manual Journal approval
  4. Quote approval
  5. Auto-approval
  6. Bill-to-PO Matching
  7. Budget Checking
  8. Workflow Version History
  9. Goods Received Notes
  10. Line Item Accrual report (Beta)
  11. Basic support
  1. Advanced plan features
  2. Batch Payment approval
  3. Stand-alone workflows
  4. Payments with Airwallex (UK, NZ, AU)
  5. Public API (Beta)
  6. Priority support

ApprovalMax for QuickBooks Online

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