What integrations does ApprovalMax support?

What integrations does ApprovalMax support?

ApprovalMax supports integrations with the cloud accounting systems:
  1. Xero
  2. QuickBooks Online
  3. NetSuite
as well as the OCR system:
  1. Dext
Learn more about integrations here.

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    • How to contact support

      For technical support: Please use the “Contact Support” button directly in the product: OR, if you don't use the product, fill in the form in our Knowledge base: 
    • Does ApprovalMax support SAML?

      Currently, ApprovalMax does not support SAML. However, we'll consider this for future enhancements. ​ For questions related to information security, please refer to our Security Portal.
    • Does ApprovalMax support batch approval?

      Yes, ApprovalMax supports Xero Batch payment approvals. This feature is available in beta, please contact support if you're interested in giving it a try. Please learn more how does Batch Payment approval work here.
    • Does ApprovalMax support QuickBooks Online OAuth 2.0?

      Yes, ApprovalMax does support QuickBooks Online OAuth 2.0.
    • Does ApprovalMax support Xero webhooks?

      Yes, ApprovalMax does support webhooks for Xero Bills, Invoices and Contacts; currently in beta. If you are interested in enabling this beta feature for your ApprovalMax Organisation, please contact us. Usually, if you have an active Bill and/or ...