Where is the data stored?

Where is the data stored?

With due respect to the fact that our clients use ApprovalMax for handling their core finance information, we consider the privacy of our clients' data as one of our top priorities.

  1. All processing of customer data takes place in EU-based Microsoft Azure cloud centres in Ireland, backups are done in the Netherlands.
  2. ApprovalMax guarantees that there is no cross-border data transfer and that all data is safely handled within the EU.
  3. ApprovalMax employs the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure and we rely on Microsoft for multiple aspects of GDPR compliance, such as physical data centre security, secure infrastructure management, and others.
  4. All data is transferred via a TLS-secure channel.
  5. SSL is used for both the web app and API.
Learn more about the security of Microsoft Azure hosting here: http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/support/trust-center/security/

Please refer to our GDPR statement for details: https://www.approvalmax.com/gdpr

For questions related to information security, please refer to our Security Portal.
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