Where is the default value "Tax-Exclusive/Inclusive" taken from for Xero Purchase Orders?

Where is the default value "Tax-Exclusive/Inclusive" taken from for Xero Purchase Orders?

For Xero Purchase Orders, the default value “Tax-Exclusive/Inclusive” is obtained from the Financial settings in Xero.


You can, however, change the default tax treatment for transactions in your financial settings. You can also add default settings for individual contacts that override the defaults in the financial settings:


This is how it works:

To change the default tax-inclusive/exclusive setting for Purchase Order amounts:

    1. Change the Xero setting in Financial Settings (Advanced Settings > Financial Settings > Tax Defaults)

    2. Go to the "Organisation settings and connections" tab under the main menu "Workflows and settings" section, click on the button "Pull values from Xero" and the "SYNC NOW" button for Organisation/Contacts:

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