What Xero data does ApprovalMax modify?

What Xero data does ApprovalMax modify?

ApprovalMax works with Xero data in two modes:
  1. In write mode (with documents created in ApprovalMax and pushed to Xero as well as with Bills in the first approval step - if the feature Bill review and approval is set up).
  2. In read-only mode (with documents pulled from Xero), which is usually the case.

Only in certain situations does ApprovalMax modify data (for documents pulled from Xero to ApprovalMax):
  1. When all approvals are in place, the document is authorised in Xero.
  2. If one of the Approvers rejects a request, some documents are moved to “Drafts” in Xero; that’s how the accountant finds out that something’s wrong.
  3. ApprovalMax sets back the link from Xero to ApprovalMax.

ApprovalMax never modifies Line Items / Amounts or other sensitive data pulled in read-only mode. The only exception is the "Bill review and coding" feature. Bill editing is only available in the very first step of an approval process. It is designed this way to ensure compliance, making sure that a Bill is not getting changed after it has been approved by a particular Approver.

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