What happens if I forget my password?

What happens if I forget my password?

Forgetting your password is not a problem, it can be reset by following these steps:

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    • Does my ApprovalMax password expire?

      No, the password to your ApprovalMax account does not expire.
    • What happens to the emails sent to orders@approvalmax.com?

      Such emails go to a dead-end mailbox, which gets cleaned up. We are not monitoring such emails. The security rules applicable to the customer data itself are also applied here.
    • How can I switch off email notifications?

      ApprovalMax sends out two types of email notification:   New requests, comments (instantly)    Summary of open requests (daily). You can set up days and time for sending daily summary reports. This is how you can switch off notifications: Click on ...
    • Why can't I approve from the email notification?

      There are several possible reasons why the approval from your email notification does not work: If you click on the Approve button and see a window with the message "Updated", it means that the request was updated after the notification had been ...
    • Is it possible to change the email address of a user?

      There is no direct way to change the email address of a user who was invited to ApprovalMax as the email address is tied to the user identity. However, the Administrator can use one of the following workarounds: Solution 1: ·         The ...