What is the "Pulling from connected Organisation" feature? (QuickBooks Online)

What is the "Pulling from connected Organisation" feature? (QuickBooks Online)

ApprovalMax allows the proper tracking of documents that were created in QuickBooks Online, without going through the appropriate approval workflow in ApprovalMax. 
This feature is generally available for Bills, Purchase Orders and Expenses and can be configured by clicking on the icon in the respective approval workflow.

This is how it works:
  1. An accountant creates a document directly in QuickBooks Online.
  2. During the next synchronisation between QuickBooks Online and ApprovalMax, performed every 1 hour, this document will be pulled to ApprovalMax and marked as "Approved". There will also be a comment saying that this document has been created directly in QuickBooks Online without going through the predefined workflow in ApprovalMax.

Important note: Organisation Admin will not be notified about documents pulled from QuickBooks Online.

Note: it is possible to manually hasten sync of documents from QuickBooks Online

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