What is the ApprovalMax integration for Slack?

What is the ApprovalMax integration for Slack?

ApprovalMax makes it easy to build robust financial controls across accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable processes(AR). Quickly approve Bills, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Credit Notes, and Batch Payments without relying on paper and email approvals. Save time by letting automated routing take care of multi-role and multi-step approval workflows!
With the ApprovalMax integration for Slack, you can: 
  1. Receive real-time notifications in Slack. Better notifications keep teams connected, and connected teams improve the health of an organisation’s financial controls and overall communication. Adding ApprovalMax to a Slack workspace means giving decision makers an additional channel to make them aware of relevant Purchase Orders, Bills and Invoices throughout the day. 
  2. Make comments and provide context on approvals. Fast decisions are made when the right context is provided. Need to ask a question, or comment on a Bill, Invoice, Purchase Order? Make your relevant comments via Slack. All comments are reflected in the workflow history within ApprovalMax.
Please find more about how to connect ApprovalMax to Slack here.
Learn more about ApprovalMax: ApprovalMax
Learn more about ApprovalMax Pricing: Pricing
Learn more about ApprovalMax Privacy Policy: Policy
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