What users with the Organisation Workflow Manager role can/cannot do

What users with the Organisation Workflow Manager role can/cannot do

Organisation Workflow Manager is a role in the Organisation that is responsible for managing workflows and users within this Organisation.

The Account Owner or Administrator can assign the Organisation Workflow Manager role to users within this Organisation, or remove users from this role.
There can be multiple Organisation Workflow Managers within one Organisation.

See workflow(s)Change the Organisation's name
Edit workflow steps (including the auto-approval step)Edit the 2FA settings
Edit workflow settingsDelete the Organisation
Copy workflows
Disconnect software
Activate workflowsChange Timezone/Currency/Financial year/Lock date
Restart workflowsSee requests if they are not part of the approval workflow / if they are not Watchers
Select user Substitutes when workflow rules have been changed and the workflow is restartedAssign roles to users other than the user role
Export workflows to PDF
Offboard users with a role other than the user role
View the workflow history
See a list of users within the Organisation
Invite new users and assign the user role (no other role) to them
Offboard users who have the default user role
Connect the accounting software
Connect additional software
Pull data from the connected software
Receive email notifications if a workflow was edited, published or restarted (no matter who is the editor or publisher)
Get assigned to any workflow-based role

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