Video: How to work as a Practice Staff member

Video: How to work as a Practice Staff member

ApprovalMax product walk-through: How to work as a Practice Staff member

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      ApprovalMax product walk-through: How Partners can work with Practice Staff 
    • How to invite a user to "Practice staff"

      Adding users to a business account is similar to adding users to the product but only available to account owners and account managers. By default, users are added with the member role. This is how you add users to "Practice staff" in ApprovalMax: Go ...
    • What is "Practice staff"?

      This feature allows the account owner/account manager to add users to a Partner account (i.e. business account with approved Partner status) and gives them certain access to Practice staff members, the subscriptions and Organisations management, and ...
    • How to remove a user from "Practice staff"

      Only an account owner has the authority to remove users from "Practice staff". This is how it works: Hover over the user name or tick the checkbox next to the respective user and then click on the  button. Next, select "Remove from Practice staff": ...
    • Practice Staff v2

      Currently, the second version of Practice Staff is available in private Beta. Please contact support if you're interested in giving it a try. In addition to the features of the first version it allows to: Manage access to all Organisations a user is ...