Video: How to manage Billing & Subscriptions

Video: How to manage Billing & Subscriptions

ApprovalMax product walk-through: how to manage Billing & Subscriptions

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    • When does the Account Owner/Billing Contact of a party get notified?

      Notification Account Owner Billing Contact What triggers the notification? Trial expired A trial Organisation has expired Organisation plan was changed to a free Partner Edition An Organisation on a Partner Account is marked as a free Partner Edition ...
    • Video: How to manage two-factor authentication in ApprovalMax

      ApprovalMax product walk-through: how to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) in ApprovalMax You can also have a look at this article: Does ApprovalMax support 2FA?
    • Can I have multiple subscriptions?

      It's possible to have any number of subscriptions under the same ApprovalMax account. Each subscription is independent in terms of: Number of Organisations Billing cycle and related invoices Payment method ApprovalMax plan and other details ...
    • How can I change a billing address?

      Billing details don’t have to be the same as the account owner’s details, and can be different for each ApprovalMax subscription. This is how you change a billing address: In the ApprovalMax product interface, click on "Billing & Subscriptions" under ...
    • Stripe Billing for UK and ZA customers

      We recently introduced some changes to the billing methods. When new or existing customers buy a new subscription/upgrade a subscription, they will now get billed by our new payment provider, Stripe. Depending on the billing country, which is ...