Troubleshooting: Error during enabling 2FA using the Microsoft Authenticator app

Troubleshooting: Error during enabling 2FA using the Microsoft Authenticator app

When you encounter an issue while setting up a new access to 2FA using the same email address, the error can occur:

Please note that this is a bug on Microsoft's end, as explained in this source.

To overcome this issue, a workaround is available. Instead of using the QR code for installation, please follow these steps:

1. Manually copy the code that is displayed on your screen and click on "Next".

You will see an option that says "OR, ENTER THE KEY MANUALLY."
2. Click on "OR, ENTER THE KEY MANUALLY" to proceed.
3. Next, insert the code you copied into the Microsoft Authenticator app manually. This will initiate the installation process for MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).

By following these steps, you should be able to install and set up MFA without encountering the error associated with using the QR code.

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