The NFP application process

The NFP application process

ApprovalMax offers a 20% discount to eligible not-for-profit organisations like churches, charities, schools, sports associations and others.
To request the NFP status for your ApprovalMax Organisation, log into your ApprovalMax account and click on your account Avatar to access "Billing & Subscriptions":

Find your Organisation under the Organisations tab. Then click on the three-dot menu and nominate your Organisation as Not-for-Profit:

Fill in the required information in the pop-up window and submit your application:

You'll now see a grey icon  next to that Organisation:

We will check the information and once your Organisation has been acknowledged as an NFP Organisation, you'll receive an automated email confirmation:

If this status is not confirmed, you'll receive an email informing you that your NFP-nomination could not be approved:

Once the NFP nomination has been approved, you'll see a green icon  next to your Organisation:

All changes can be tracked under the History tab in "Billing & Subscriptions":

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