Synchronisation of related Xero data

Synchronisation of related Xero data

ApprovalMax pulls related Xero data such as Contacts/Accounts/Themes etc. every 2 hours.
To speed up this process, the Administrator of an Organisation can force the synchronisation manually. To do so, go to either the approval or requester matrix in any workflow of your Organisation.
Alternatively, open Organisation settings and connection in the navigation menu, click on the 
 icon and then on "Sync now" next to Contacts, for example.

You can also force the synchronisation of other data, such as Tracking categories, Accounts, Themes, etc. by clicking on "Sync now" in the respective line.


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      Pulling new documents and pushing back approval decisions ApprovalMax pulls new documents every 1 hour during a day. However, due to Xero API limitations, it’s not possible to get them right after they’ve been created. For Bills and Invoices ...
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      If data such as Accounts/Tracking Categories/Taxes etc. don't sync between ApprovalMax and Xero, there might be a problem with the cache. When you created a request in Xero and some of the data doesn't show in ApprovalMax, please try the following: ...
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      To sync your Xero Tax List to Dext, you need to enable "Use tax list" under the Dext Tax Settings in the section "Integration": Otherwise, if the Xero Tax List is different from the one in Dext, Xero might reject the request.