Getting started guide for stand-alone workflows

Getting started guide for stand-alone workflows

What is a stand-alone workflow?

Stand-alone workflows are not connected to any online accounting platform. They can be used for the approval of any request or document, e.g. contract approval, capital expenditure (CapEx), supplier approval, request for time off, travel request.

How can I sign up for stand-alone workflows?

Stand-alone workflows are available with ApprovalMax Premium plans, which allow you to create as many stand-alone workflows as you need.

What can I approve using a stand-alone workflow?

  • Contract approvals

  • Capital expenditures

  • Requests for time off

  • Travel requests

  • Any other requests and documents

How do I set up a stand-alone workflow?

1. Under your Organisation, navigate to Workflows and Settings and open the Approval Workflows page:

2. Click on the “+” button in the Stand-alone Workflows section:
3. You’ll see an empty workflow that needs setting up. By default, the Account Owner is specified as the Requester and Approver. Start by entering a name for the workflow and then change/add Requesters in the first step – they will be able to create approval requests and upload documents for approval:

4. In the next step, add the Approvers. You can have as many approval steps as you need:

5. A click on the icon will open the approval matrix where you can specify the approval rules for each step. You can also create new drop-down fields here, by clicking on “Add a field”: Then click on DONE to save the changes you made to the approval matrix. 6. When finished, click on ACTIVATE THE WORKFLOW:

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