Report scheduler (Stand-alone)

Report scheduler (Stand-alone)

It is now possible to schedule the sending of reports. 
This is how it works:
  1. In the main menu, select your Organisation and open "Request reports" page under the "Reports" section.
  2. Open report and click on the clock icon:

  3. Add a rule name, type in the email address of users you want to send the report to, schedule its sending (use predefined parameters or customize your own) and click on SAVE:
  4. An email with the report attached and containing a link to this report in ApprovalMax will be sent out on the specified date and time.

Please note: Reports are sent based on the company timezone.
Please note: Reports are not sent retrospectively, i.e., if you set a report on 17th December to be sent every 5th day of the month, you will receive the first in January.

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