Release 2023-10-26

Release 2023-10-26

 NEW  Xero Quotes creation in ApprovalMax is available in private beta.

ApprovalMax now supports the creation of Xero Quotes directly in ApprovalMax.
Set up a Quote approval workflow, create a Quote in ApprovalMax and send it automatically to a customer upon approval. Customers can accept or decline a Quote via the link included in the email:

Quotes accepted by a customer can be copied to a Sales Invoice directly in ApprovalMax.

If you want to enable this beta feature for your ApprovalMax Organisation, please contact us.

 NEW  Organisation Workflow Manager role is available in private beta.

ApprovalMax introduces a new Organisation-based role for managing workflows and users within the Organisation: the Workflow Manager role.

The Account Owner or Administrator can add or remove the Organisation Workflow Manager role to any user within the Organisation.

If you want to enable this beta feature for your ApprovalMax Organisation, please contact us.

 NEW  The Watchers functionality is generally available for all integrations and Stand-alone workflows.

The Watchers functionality in ApprovalMax allows users to closely monitor and stay informed about specific approval requests within the system. When a user is assigned as a Watcher for a particular request, they will receive notifications and updates regarding the progress and status of the approvals, even if they are not directly involved in the approval process.

The Watchers functionality provides the following features:

1. Notifications: Watchers receive notifications via email when significant events occur within the request they are watching. This includes approvals or rejections, post-approval changes, decision reworks, comments, adding/removing approvers/watchers, and marking Purchase Orders as Billed / Bills as Paid.

2. Visibility: Watchers can track the progress of the approvals they monitor within the ApprovalMax. They can see the current status, comments made, and other relevant information related to the request.

3. Observation: although Watchers do not actively participate in the approvals, they can observe the document, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the process.

The Watchers functionality aims to provide visibility and engagement for users who must stay up-to-date on specific approval processes without direct involvement.

 NEW  QuickBooks Online Journal Entries are available in public beta.

A Journal Entry is a manual recording of transactions and adjustments to your accounting file.

Journal Entries allow you to transfer funds between accounts and ensure that your financial records are balanced according to specific requirements. They should be considered as a final option for recording transactions.

It's advisable to use Journal Entries only if you have a solid understanding of accounting principles or when advised by a professional accountant.

Additionally, it's essential to have full comprehension of debits and credits to utilise Journal Entries accurately.

Here are a few reasons for creating a Journal Entry:

  • To enter debits and credits manually, like in traditional accounting systems

  • To transfer money between income and expense accounts

  • To transfer money from an asset, liability, or equity account to an income or expense account

Here is what it looks like in QuickBooks Online

 NEW  Support of Xero CIS Deduction (UK) in private beta.

In the UK construction industry, contractors and subcontractors are bound by specific rules and regulations outlined in the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). This scheme governs various aspects of financial management, such as contractor invoices, subcontractor bills, CIS returns filing with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), and the generation of payment and deduction statements for subcontractors. Xero offers a dedicated workflow designed to assist contractors, subcontractors and accountants in managing their CIS obligations effectively.

ApprovalMax integrates seamlessly with Xero's CIS workflow, providing an efficient approval process for CIS Invoices, Bills and Credit Notes.

If you want to enable this beta feature for your ApprovalMax Organisation, please contact us.

 NEW  Support of integration with the Xero Practice Manager.

This feature allows Partners to pull data from XPM (Staff Members, Clients) and add them to their Practice Staff in ApprovalMax.

IMPROVED  ApprovalMax now provides request attachments via a Public API

IMPROVED  Added verification of Beneficiary bank details to Airwallex batch payments

Any changes in Beneficiary bank details in Airwallex will be reflected before a Batch is sent into payment.

 FIXED  Several minor issues have been fixed, and the overall performance and stability have improved.

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