Release 2023-07-31

Release 2023-07-31

 NEW  GR(Goods Receipt Note) is generally available as a part of Advanced and Premium plans for all Organisations connected to Xero or QuickBooks Online.
ApprovalMax supports several ways how to handle delivery confirmation – the smartest and the easiest one is to set the Goods Received Note status in the approved PO.

The feature can be enabled by the Organisation Admin in PO workflow settings.
Then PO Requester/Approver or Administrator can set whether goods in the PO are not received (default state for approved POs), partially or fully received.
A comment and attachments can be added with the change of the status and such will be reflected in both PO GRN section on the request preview and in the Audit trail.

 NEW  Support of Microsoft SSO/SSU.
Microsoft account can now be used to create and log in to the ApprovalMax account.

Learn more about the Microsoft Single Sign-On in our knowledge base article.

 IMPROVED   Support of new setting to add "REJECTED" prefix to the Reference field for Xero-originated requests rejected in ApprovalMax.
Administrators of Xero-connected Organisations can enable adding a "REJECTED" prefix in the Reference field for Xero-originated documents rejected in ApprovalMax. Available for all workflows which have "Pulling from Xero" step (Bill, Sales Invoice, PO, AP Credit note, 
AR Credit note). 

The Requester will see prefix "REJECTED" if the document was rejected in ApprovalMax.

 IMPROVED  Support of new setting to give the possibility to add PO requester as a Bill approver once the requests are matched (Xero).
Organisation Administrators can decide whether they want to allow adding PO Requesters during Bill-to-PO matching as Bill approvers in the currently active approval step automatically or manually by Bill approvers or they don't want to allow PO Requesters to a Bill approval process. 

If Administrators allowed adding PO Requesters as approvers to a Bill, then they will be added either automatically or manually by a Bill approver once the matching is confirmed:

 IMPROVED  Support of new setting to restrict Bill approval if it is not fully matched to a Purchase Order(s) (Xero).
Xero - connected Organisation Administrators can restrict the approval of Bills not fully allocated to PO(s).

 IMPROVED  Support of sending NetSuite PO to Supplier.
ApprovalMax supports setting up a default Email to the Supplier for NetSuite-connected Organisations. 

 IMPROVED  Introduced a new notification for the payment status change to "Deleted" in Xero for Airwallex Batch Payment Requesters and Payers.

 FIXED  Several minor issues have been fixed, the overall performance and stability improved.

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