Release 2019-12-07

Release 2019-12-07

 NEW  QBO SSO/SSU is now available
Intuit account can now be used to create and log in to the ApprovalMax account

 IMPROVED  Improved overall stability, and some minor issues fixed
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    • Release 2019-01-16

      Release 2019-01-16 .XLS files are now allowed for QuickBooks Online Purchase Orders Fixed the issue of audit reports not being generated on some rare occasions when the decision in the first step was made by a Delegate All files attached to documents ...
    • Does ApprovalMax support SSO?

      At the moment, we only support Google, Xero and Intuit Single Sign-On.  We currently do not support Okta, Azure or Office365 SSO. However, we are considering Okta and Azure SSO for development but cannot commit to a time frame right ...
    • Single Sign On (SSO): how to use your Google account for logging in to ApprovalMax

      Are you tired of tracking new logins and passwords? You can use your Google account as a Single-Sign-On with ApprovalMax. This way you only need to remember your Google credentials. When you log in to ApprovalMax ...
    • Does ApprovalMax support NetSuite SSO?

      Currently, NetSuite SSO is not supported.  However, we do have this planned. Though, at the moment, we cannot commit to any timeframe.
    • Release 2019-03-19

      In this release we have focused on fixing minor issues and fine-tuning the Xero synchronisation.