Release 2017-12-04

Release 2017-12-04

  1. The handling of Invoices with rounded amounts has been improved: a special "Rounding" line item will now be added automatically by ApprovalMax to ensure that the Invoice amount always remains the same before and after approval
  2. The issue of the "Sync" status not always being synced back properly from Xero has been fixed
  3. The check of "Required" fields when the approval workflow for a particular request is started over now works properly
  4. The handling of cases where Purchase Orders are created while an Organisation is disconnected from QuickBooks Online has been improved
  5. The upload of large files will now be handled with a proper error message
  6. Fixed the issue of the audit report generation crashing in some cases
  7. Technical stuff: added the Missing Content-Security-Policy header
Features currently available for selected Organisations only:
  1. Parallel approvals in different browser windows will now be handled properly and should not lead to the duplication of Purchase Orders
  2. All uploaded files will now be scanned for viruses

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