Release 2017-02-07

Release 2017-02-07

Fraud Prevention capability:
Due to the highly variable business scenarios of our customers and the inability of our current Fraud Prevention feature to uniformly address these scenarios, we have temporarily turned off this feature in the product as the default setting.

Full availability of this feature as well as further enhancements will be provided with the forthcoming releases. Until then, if you'd like the feature to be turned on, please contact us on

Several bug fixes and minor changes, including:
  1. Fixed the issue of the Delegate and the Default Approver roles overlapping
  2. Fixed the issue with the sequence of appearance for historical events in audit reports
  3. Fixed the issue of tracking categories not being displayed properly if capital letters were used in the tracking category name
  4. The “%” symbol is no longer allowed in file names in order to comply with Xero file name requirements

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