Release 2016-08-30

Release 2016-08-30

New email notification about auto-approvals

There are now email notifications about requests that get automatically approved due to a corresponding approval workflow setup. For example: you have a 1-step workflow with an Approver who approves only Purchase Orders with an amount of over $1,000. This means, all Purchase Orders with an amount of $1,000 or less will be automatically approved and, now, the Requester will be notified about the auto-approval.

Please note: to avoid auto-approval in any case, you can use the "Default Approver" feature.

Special status for requests approved directly in Xero

Now you can easily see which requests have been approved directly in Xero without having passed an approval workflow in ApprovalMax: their status will be coloured in blue, and a special icon will be added.

Pre-loaded values for Date and Theme

You can now save some time when creating Purchase Orders as the current date and first theme will be selected for you by default.

Fixes for Purchase Order creation texts

Several texts in the Purchase Order creation interface have been fixed; including the date format, some field names, and others.

More intuitive "Submit for approval" button

We changed the rather small and not quite intuitive "Send" icon to a bigger and much more obvious "Submit for approval" button.

Fixed the "Add from Contacts" button

You can now select the Purchase Order delivery address from the list of Xero Contacts. This button had already been there but didn't work.

Updated the "Force" button

First of all, it is now called "Force" again instead of "Enforce".
And, the button now looks better.

Fixed the "Reassign" dialogue

Even very large numbers of Approvers will now be listed correctly in the reassignment dialogue.

Fixed matching of Bills and Purchase Orders

Two issues have been fixed:
  • Matching Bills with an empty reference
  • Matching Bills to cancelled Purchase Orders

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