Release 2016-03-06

Release 2016-03-06

Approve by replying "Approved"

Managers can now reply to the "Approval required" notification email by simply typing in the word "Approve" or "Approved", and the request will be approved. Learn more about how it works.

Warning about unsaved changes

If you're trying to leave the workflow setup with unsaved changes, a clear message will be shown in order to prevent you from losing the changes you made.

Drawer update

Drawer options have been adopted for most typical cases and should now be more intuitive:
  • "Decision required" — key list for Approvers
  • "My open requests" — key list for Requesters
  • "All requests" — used to find recent request

Email enhancements

  • Added a taxes summary
  • Fixed the spaces in the names of Approvers
  • Fixed the amount format, now it always includes two decimal places
  • The "Item" column is not shown if there is no inventory item
  • Email notifications about approvals can now include comments (this is required for the option "approval by email")

Better experience for the workflow setup

  • Workflows are now activated/updated with a more intuitive green button instead of a switcher
  • Xero workflows and other types are now separated into two different blocks
  • Draft approval workflows for "Bills" and "Sales Invoices" will now be created as soon as the Xero integration has been enabled
  • The Requester is filled in by default to avoid errors

Renamings for clarity

  • "Request types" have been renamed "Approval workflow"
  • "Connect to Xero" has been renamed "Enable the Xero integration"
  • "Over" in amount rules has been changed to "Over or equal to"

Trial expiry

The Organisation's Administrator will now get notified about the end of a trial with a clear message

Other fixes

  • Comments by an Organisation's Administrator who is not an Approver/Requester now work fine
  • When an invited user replies to the invitation email, it now goes directly to the person who sent the invite
  • If a user signed up twice, 2 trial subscriptions and 2 Organisations were added. This has been fixed.
  • User popovers are now properly closed when clicking on another request in the list

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