Release 2016-02-21

Release 2016-02-21

Support for Xero Sales Invoices

It is now possible to set up an approval workflow for Xero Sales Invoices. To do so, click on "New request type" in "Organisation > Request types" and select "Sales Invoice" there.

As for Xero Purchase Orders, we are waiting for the Xero API release.
Should be coming next week.

Support for mobile email confirmations and password setup

Managers can accept invitations and set up a password from their mobile device. After that they can start approving/rejecting requests on the go.

Support for mobile approvals without the app installed

Managers can approve/reject requests on the go using their iPhone/Android/Windows phone or other mobile devices without having the ApprovalMax application installed. They just click on "Approve" in the notification email, enter their login name/password, and that's it.

Status stamps for requests

It is now easy to see whether a particular request has been approved/rejected/cancelled because a coloured stamp is indicating its status.

Success messages after an approval/rejection

When a manager made his decision and clicked on approve/reject, there will be a big and clear message that he actually has approved/rejected the request. This message simply cannot be mistaken for something else.

User interface polishing

We did another iteration of user interface polishing in order to make it more clear and intuitive for both Administrators and managers. All buttons are in the same places, so you won't miss them, but the overall page layout has been improved. We'll keep working on this.

Useful window titles

When there are many tabs opened in the browser, it's easy to get lost. ApprovalMax helps you stay on track by showing the name of currently opened requests in the tab titles.

Administrators will be notified when the Xero integration gets disabled

An Organisation's Administrator will now be notified by email when the integration for their Organisation gets disabled for some reason.

Fixes and enhancements for the reminder "Deadline is in 24 hours"

  • Fixed the problem of reminders not being sent in some cases
  • Fixed the problem of reminders being sent to the wrong Approvers in some cases
  • Fixed the problem of duplicated reminders in some cases
  • Fixed the problem with scheduling reminders for long periods of time (it was leading to error messages after request approval in some cases)
  • Improved email subject, now sounding not as alarming

Other improvements and fixes

  • Polished the line items view: it now takes up all the space available
  • If a request is resubmitted in Xero without any changes made, the workflow will restart. This is required to avoid a situation where a request is "Rejected" in ApprovalMax while still "Submitted for approval" in Xero
  • Fixed the inventory items description text in the approval matrix and requests
  • Users can now pull new requests from Xero by clicking on the "Refresh" button in the list of requests; previously, this worked only for Administrators
  • Fixed the non-working "Learn more" button next to the "Requester" setup in approval workflows

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