The new navigation menu

The new navigation menu

On 22 September, ApprovalMax will activate the new in-product navigation for all users. The old navigation will be switched off with no option to access it.

Benefits of the new navigation:

  • You can easily switch between Organisations using a drop-down menu if you have more than one Organisation as well as search by the Organisation name if you have a lot:

  • Your documents (i.e. approval requests) are now sorted by type: Purchase Orders, Bills, Sales Invoices, etc.:

  • Each request-type folder is split into subfolders representing a certain status (All, On Approval, Approved, Cancelled, Rejected, etc.) to allow quick access to particular requests:

  • New requests can be created* using the “+” button next to one of the activated request types in the new menu:

    *Request creation is only available to Requesters.

  • There are two quick access sections containing all types of documents: “My approval required” for Approvers, and “Created by me” for checking the status of submitted requests. Plus, there’s also a separate folder for all your draft documents:
  • In one folder, you’ll see all requests for your Organisation; in another folder all requests for your Organisation by type:

  • All settings are now in the separate folder "Workflows and settings":
  • High-level reports and line-item reports are available in the Reports folder:

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