Help menu

Help menu

If you're looking for educational material or experiencing an issue, please check our resources under the  button in the top right-hand corner next to your Avatar.

The help menu contains a number of links:

  • Access to the ApprovalMax Knowledge base with numerous educational/setup and configuration/troubleshooting materials

  • How-to videos on our YouTube channel to learn about best practices on how to set up your ApprovalMax organisation in the most efficient way

  • The ApprovalMax website to discover new features and customer success stories of our clients

  • Mobile app download for Android and iOS to improve your experience using ApprovalMax on the go

  • If you have any other questions or need help on an issue that has not been covered in our ApprovalMax Knowledge base, please contact* our support directly from the product:


* The "Contact Support" button is visible for Account owners, Organisation Administrators and Practice Staff Managers (Partner Account).