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If you're looking for educational material or experiencing an issue, please check our resources under the button in the top right-hand corner next to your Avatar.

The help menu contains a number of links:

  • Access to the ApprovalMax Knowledge base with numerous educational/setup and configuration/troubleshooting materials

  • How-to videos on our YouTube channel to learn about best practices on how to set up your ApprovalMax organisation in the most efficient way

  • The ApprovalMax website to discover new features and customer success stories of our clients

  • Mobile app download for Android and iOS to improve your experience using ApprovalMax on the go

  • If you have any other questions or need help on an issue that has not been covered in our ApprovalMax Knowledge base, please contact our support directly from the product:


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    • Can I search for requests in the mobile app?

      No, the search function is not supported in the mobile app. Please use the web app to find particular requests. For more information, please refer to:  How to find a request in ApprovalMax (Xero) How to find a request in ApprovalMax (QuickBooks ...
    • Does ApprovalMax support Xero Budget Checking in the mobile app?

      Yes, ApprovalMax does support Xero Budget Checking in its mobile app. Here is what it looks like: Click on the Budget to open its details:
    • How does 2FA work on mobile devices?

      Currently, setting up 2FA is only available in a web browser and not in the mobile app. So, Hard Enforcement requires you to set up 2FA using a web browser. The option to do this in the mobile app will be available in the future. 2FA is mandatory ...
    • Can I create/approve QuickBooks Online Journal Entry requests in the mobile app?

      Currently, it's not possible to process QuickBooks Online Journal Entries on mobile devices. However, we are working on this. Once the functionality is ready, the mobile app will provide for: Requesters to create QuickBooks Online Journal Entries and ...
    • Can I create/approve Expense requests in the mobile app?

      Yes, absolutely! In the mobile app: Requesters can create QuickBooks Online Expenses and submit them for approval Approvers can approve/reject QuickBooks Online Expenses, reassign requests to other Approvers, and communicate with the Requester and ...