Mobile apps for Approvers and Requesters

Mobile apps for Approvers and Requesters

There are two different mobile apps available for Approvers and Requesters, depending on the device used:
Mobile apps allow to raise ​​​​Purchase Orders, Bills and stand-alone requests as well as approving all kinds of requests for Xero and QuickBooks Online.

Via these apps, Approvers can:

  • Receive notifications about new approval requests (the notification settings can be changed)

  • Chat with each other and the Requester
  • Make their decision with a single tap of their finger

  • Match Bills to Purchase Orders (for the Xero integration)
  • Mark Purchase Orders as "Billed" (for the Xero integration)
  • Appoint a Delegate for when out of office

 Via these apps, Requesters can:

  • Create Purchase Orders/Bills or other requests (that get set up via stand-alone workflows) as well as edit and submit them for approval

  • Chat with Approvers
  • Add Approvers on the fly
  • Match Bills to Purchase Orders (for the Xero integration)
  • Mark Purchase Orders as "Billed" (for the Xero integration)

Benefits of using the ApprovalMax mobile app:

  • Suppliers, contractors and volunteers are able to create Bills without having to access Xero/QuickBooks Online
  • Approval turn-around times are significantly shorter
  • Easy creation of Purchase Orders/Bills on a phone that will include all related data, pulled from the general ledger
  • All requests including the related information are readily available in a remote or WFH environment
You can access the ApprovalMax mobile app using your password, or the GoogleXero or Intuit Single Sign-On
If you forget your password, it's possible to reset it via the mobile app: Can I reset my ApprovalMax password on mobile devices?

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      There are several ways to approve/reject a request: Click on the “Approve” or “Reject” button in the notification email. Reply to the notification email starting with the word “Approved”/"Approve" or “Rejected”/ "Reject". Tap on the "Approve" or ...
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