Linking back from Xero to ApprovalMax

Linking back from Xero to ApprovalMax

Once approved in ApprovalMax, Bills and Sales Invoices are pushed back to the “Awaiting Payment” folder in Xero. ApprovalMax assigns backlinks to such requests:
If that link gets set by another application, you can specify whether ApprovalMax is to rewrite it - or not.

This is how you set up backlinks:
  1. Open the main menu and navigate to the "Approval workflows" page:
  2. Select and open the respective "Bill creation, review and approval" workflow or "Sales Invoice approval" workflow and click on the gear icon :

Please note: backlinks are not assigned to Purchase Orders or AP/AR Credit Notes.
  1. Scroll down and select your preferred option:

    When finished, save your changes and update the approval workflow.

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