Line item reports (QuickBooks Online)

Line item reports (QuickBooks Online)

You can generate reports with line item details and also schedule the report generation and delivery to selected email addresses.

Line item reports allow you to look deeper into your accounts payable and accounts receivable to understand what exactly your expenses are for. 

To access the line-item reporting feature, navigate to the main menu    in the upper left-hand corner, select your Organisation and open "Line item reports" page under Reports section:

You can create your own report for any type of document in any status with filters that reflect your particular needs.

This is how you set up your own line item report in QuickBooks Online:

  1. Click on the button "NEW REPORT" on the "Line item reports" page.

  2. In step 1, select the request type for which you want to create a report and click on "NEXT":

  3. In step 2, specify the required report filters and then click on "NEXT":

  4. In step 3, activate the checkbox next to each column you want to be visible in the report and then click on "NEXT":

  5. In the last step, name your report by filling in the field "Report name":

    When finished, click on "CREATE".

The following options are available:

  • Rename the report
  • Export the report to a CSV file 
  • Print the report 
  • Schedule the report 
  • Remove the report
  • Copy the report (i.e., save it as a new report)
  • Edit the report
  • Sort the information in the columns (hover over the respective column and click on the arrow):

  • Move columns (via drag and drop):

To apply the choices you made for the report, click on the "SAVE" button.

Important note: reports are only available to users with the Administrator or Auditor role.
Learn more about how you can assign a new role to users