Is it possible to receive approval notifications in batches instead of individual emails for each request?

Is it possible to receive approval notifications in batches instead of individual emails for each request?

Yes, absolutely.

ApprovalMax sends out two types of email notifications (instantly and daily): 
  1. New requests (instantly) 
  2. Comments (instantly)
  3. Other notifications (Auto-approvals/Auto-rejections, Forced decisions, change of Approvers, etc.) (instantly)
  4. Summary of open approvals (daily) - you can specify the days and time for receiving these daily summary reports

This is how you set up daily summary reports:
  • Click on your avatar in the top right-hand corner and select My Profile.

  • In My Profile, you'll find the Email Notifications section. You can toggle the status for each notification type by clicking on .
    Here, you can also select your preferred days of the week and time for receiving the summary reports:

  • As a result, the button turns green and the respective notifications are switched on.

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