Is there a trial for ApprovalMax?

Is there a trial for ApprovalMax?

Yes, ApprovalMax offers a 14-day trial with all features available free of charge. You don’t need any pre-approval or enter your credit card details for this.  

For Xero-connected Organisations, as part of the trial, you can benefit from a predefined set of workflows and other data to see how it all works without having to configure any workflows from scratch. The demo data becomes available once an ApprovalMax Organisation has been connected to the Xero demo company.

Our research shows that the ApprovalMax configuration typically takes less than 24 hours, so a 14-day trial should be long enough for most cases.
If you require more time, you can request a trial extension simply by clicking on the “Contact sales” button in the banner at the top of the screen.

After completing your trial, you can buy a subscription for Organisations connected to live Xero file /QuickBooks Online Organisation and keep all workflows you’ve set up so far. No need to reconfigure anything. 

For NetSuite Organisations the purchase process differs. For more details, contact sales.

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