How to upload Xero Budgets to ApprovalMax

How to upload Xero Budgets to ApprovalMax

The new version of our Budget Checking feature is already available, you can try it as a part of the Advanced plan trial

Once the Advanced plan trial has been turned on for your Organisation, you can test how it works:
  1. Prepare a budget in Xero (Accounting > Reports > Budget Manager).
    During the budget creation in Xero, you'll be prompted to select Tracking Categories in order to prepare the new budget for specific tracking options:

  2. Export the new budget to a CSV file:

  3. In ApprovalMax, select your Organisation in the main menu and navigate to the Budget Checking section:

  4.  Here, you can upload CSV files:

  5. In the pop-up window Upload Budget, enter a name for the budget, select the tracking options and specify the budget check period. Then click on UPLOAD FILE to upload the budget from Xero:

  6. When the file upload is complete, click on ADD BUDGET.
  7. By clicking on the  button next to the budget you can:
    1. Deactivate the budget
    2. Change the budget check period (budget settings)
    3. Reupload the budget
    4. Download the budget as a CSV file
    5. Remove the budget

  1. When you now submit a Bill or Purchase Order for approval you'll see how this Bill/Purchase Order fits into the defined budget when taking into account the current spendings to date:

Please note: ApprovalMax does not check budgets against Xero 0 lines.

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