How can I terminate a trial?

How can I terminate a trial?

ApprovalMax doesn’t work for your Organisation? We’re sorry to hear that and would appreciate if you could share some feedback with us, so please contact us using the Contact Support button directly in the product:

How to terminate a trial:
  • In ApprovalMax, click on Billing & Subscriptions under your Avatar in the top right-hand corner of the screen and open the Account Details tab:

  • Click on the three-dots menu, then on Cancel my Account:

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    • Is there a trial for ApprovalMax?

      Yes, ApprovalMax offers a 14-day* trial with all features available free of charge. You don’t need any pre-approval or enter your credit card details for this. *Note: If you already have an ApprovalMax subscription and want to add a new Organisation ...
    • What happens when the trial ends?

      Every trial version expires after 14 days* and it will not be possible to create new approval requests, modify workflows, etc. after that. *Please note: if you already have an ApprovalMax subscription and want to add a new Organisation under a trial, ...
    • How can I start a paid subscription?

      If you are using a free ApprovalMax trial and want to continue working with your ApprovalMax Organisation, you need to start a paid subscription. This is how you start a paid subscription: To start a paid subscription, please click on "MANAGE" in the ...
    • Why do I see a Trial Expired message?

      The Trial Expires / Trial Expired message appears to those who created a trial Organisation in ApprovalMax and set up approval workflows for this Organisation, or were added as an Administrator for a trial Organisation created in someone else's ...
    • How can I start a trial?

      About the ApprovalMax trial The free 14-day ApprovalMax trial is a fully functional version of the product, only limited by time. When it runs out, you can purchase a subscription and keep all your data from the trial period. For details on starting ...