How to sync a budget with Xero

How to sync a budget with Xero

The new version of our Budget Checking feature is already available, you can try it as a part of the Advanced plan trial

Once the Advanced plan trial has been turned on for your Organisation, you can test how it works:
  1. First, the Administrator needs to enable Pulling Budgets from Xero.
    To do so, open the main menu. Then select the Organisation for which the All features trial has been turned on and open Workflows And Settings > Budget Checking:

  2. Now, click on PULL BUDGETS FROM XERO:

    Budgets will be shown in a list together with budgets uploaded as CSV files.

  3. To start Budget Checking, you'll need to activate a budget.
    Hover over the respective budget, click on the   button and select "Activate budget":

    Please note: at the moment, Xero doesn’t provide any information regarding budget filtering options when tracking options are not specified. For example, if a budget is set to track all unassigned categories then, by default, ApprovalMax doesn’t receive this information and you'll be asked to set up filtering options manually in ApprovalMax.

    This manual setting of Tracking Categories is only available for budgets for which no Tracking Category parameters have been specified. If Tracking Categories have been selected for a budget, this settings option will not be available.

    Important note: due to a Xero bug, budgets uploaded in Xero as a CSV file won't be updated in ApprovalMax unless you update the budget in Xero manually (not via a CSV file).

  4. You can easily deactivate a budget:

    Or disable the budget syncing with Xero at any time:

Important note: Xero does not provide any way to find out when a particular budget has started.
Therefore, ApprovalMax syncs all budget data from one year back (current date -1 year) to one year from now (current date +1 year).

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