How to sign up to ApprovalMax (Xero)

How to sign up to ApprovalMax (Xero)

Start your free 14-day trial h‚Äčere. 
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    • Video: How to sign up and connect to Xero

      ApprovalMax product walk-through: how to sign up and connect ApprovalMax to Xero
    • Is there a trial for ApprovalMax?

      Yes, ApprovalMax offers a 14-day* trial with all features available free of charge. You don’t need any pre-approval or enter your credit card details for this. *Note: If you already have an ApprovalMax subscription and want to add a new Organisation ...
    • How to sign up to ApprovalMax? (QuickBooks Online)

      Start your free 14-day trial here. Set up your profile and connect your QuickBooks Online organisation to ApprovalMax.
    • Single Sign Up (SSU): how to sign up for ApprovalMax with your Xero account

      Are you tired of tracking new logins and passwords? You can use your Xero account for signing up with ApprovalMax. This way you need only to remember your Xero credentials. Sign up for an ApprovalMax trial account under ...
    • How can I connect ApprovalMax to Xero?

      This is how you connect ApprovalMax to Xero: Under the main menu select your ApprovalMax Organisation, and open "Workflows and settings" >"Approval workflows". Click on the button "Connect" next to Approval workflows for Xero. Select the desired Xero ...