How to set up a report to check both the Bill-to-PO matching and Purchase Order balance

How to set up a report to check both the Bill-to-PO matching and Purchase Order balance

In ApprovalMax, you can create reports showing all requests awaiting approval by a particular person. 

This is how you create such a report:

  1. On the Reports page, start creating a new report by clicking on the "NEW REPORT" button:

  2. In the first screen, tick the checkbox next to Purchase Order and click on NEXT:

  3. In the next screen, specify the filters and click on NEXT:
    Matched Bills: Matched

  4. In the following screen, activate the checkboxes next to Matched Bills and Purchase Order Balance. Also, you are free to select any columns you want to be visible:

    When ready, click on NEXT.

  5. In the final screen, name your report and click on CREATE:

  6. You'll now see all Purchase Orders that have been matched to Bills as well as the Purchase Order balance (Purchase Order amount minus the amounts of all open and approved Bills matched to it):

    Please note: this is only the case if you select the "Multiple Bills – One PO" pattern when you’re matching. If you select "One Bill – Multiple POs", the Purchase Order balance cannot be calculated and will therefore not show in the report.

  7. Such reports can be scheduled, printed or downloaded as a .csv file.

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