How to set up a Xero Quote workflow in ApprovalMax

How to set up a Xero Quote workflow in ApprovalMax

This is how you can set up a Quote workflow:

  1. In the main menu, select your Organisation and open Approval Workflows under "Workflows and settings":

  2. Click on the Quote workflow:

  3. The first step is Quote creation. Here, you can add users who will be able to create Quotes in ApprovalMax. To configure user rights in case you need to restrict them, click on the  icon:

  4. The next steps are approval steps. Via the  icon, you can add as many of these as you need to represent the number of authorisation levels in your Organisation. Each approval step has its own approval rules. For each approval step, you can add as many Approvers as required. To set up the approval conditions, click on the  icon:
  5. When you’re done with adding Approvers and defining rules for them, go to Approver Condition if you have multiple Approvers for the same Quote and specify if all or any of them need to approve to complete the authorisation in this step:

  6. When all steps and conditions have been set, activate/update the workflow.

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