How to set up a check period for budgets

How to set up a check period for budgets

  1. To set up a check period for budgets, go to the main menu, select your Organisation and open its Budget Checking section:

  2. Click on the   next to your budget and select Budget settings:

  3. Then select a Budget check period in which ApprovalMax is to check whether Bills and Purchase Orders keep in budget, or not:

    Budget periods:

    • 1 month

    • Financial quarter (bulks of 3 months counting from the start of the financial year)

    • Half of a financial year (bulks of 6 months counting from the start of the financial year)

    • Financial year (bulk of 12 months counting from the start of the financial year)

    • YTD (rolling budget from the beginning of the financial year to the current month)

    • Year with a particular start month (12 months from the selected start month)

    • YTD starting from a particular month (rolling budget from the selected month to the current month)

  4. Finally, click on SAVE to apply your changes.

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