How to set up an auto-approval step (Xero)

How to set up an auto-approval step (Xero)

  1. In the main menu, select the Organisation for which you want to specify an auto-approval step. Then go to "Approval workflows" under "Workflows and settings":

  2. Open the workflow for which you want to specify an auto-approval step and click on the “+” button to add one:

    Then click on "Add auto-approval step":

    You can create this step either during the workflow setup, or later.

  3. In the pop-up, click on “Enable” to start the auto-approval step setup:

    Click on “Hide” to collapse the auto-approval step. You can return to the setup later.

  4. To proceed with settings, click on the "Auto-approval settings":

  1. Add a rule description for auto-approvals and set up the rules:

    You can set auto-approval rules based on fields such as:
    1. Requester (Purchase Order, Bill workflow)
    2. Total amount
    3. Supplier/Contact
    4. Tracking categories
    5. Account
    6. Tax
    7. Item

  1. To delete a rule, click on the icon and then "Remove rule":

  2. When ready, click on “Done” to save your workflow settings.
Please note: the rules in an auto-approval step will be checked first. If the rules in the auto-approval step are not met, the request will pass through the other approval steps.

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