How to reset 2FA if I've lost/changed my device with the authenticator application?

How to reset 2FA if I've lost/changed my device with the authenticator application?

To reset 2FA in ApprovalMax if you've lost or changed your device with the authenticator application, follow these steps:

1. Utilize the alternative 2FA option for verification: Use either the code sent to the alternative email address or the backup codes generated during the initial 2FA setup process.

2. Upon successful verification, you can disable 2FA for your account using the same verification method mentioned above.

3. Next, you can enable 2FA for your account from the beginning:
  1. Download the Authenticator app.
  2. Scan the QR code in ApprovalMax or manually enter the code in your Authenticator app, following the instructions provided.

    Note: If 2FA hard enforcement is applied in your Organization, you cannot perform any actions before setting 2FA for your account again.

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