How to remove a user from "Practice staff"

How to remove a user from "Practice staff"

Only an account owner has the authority to remove users from "Practice staff".
To remove a user from Practice staff, hover over the user name or tick the checkbox next to the respective user and then click on the  button. Next, select "Remove from Practice staff":

The user will be removed from Practice staff only.

Please note: if the user you want to remove has been added to the Organisations in this business account or participates in workflows with any role (Requester, Approver, Reviewer, external submitter), they will not be removed there by being removed from Practice staff.

To off-board users from the Organisations and workflows, click on the "Off-board" button. 
Then select the replacement person and click on "Done":

The system will display the name of those Organisations (and workflows) and ask the account owner to confirm the removal of that user. 

To remove users in batch, tick the checkboxes next to the respective users and click on  "REMOVE FROM PRACTICE STAFF" at the top of the screen and then confirm removing.

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