How to pull Bills from NetSuite

How to pull Bills from NetSuite

It is possible to configure ApprovalMax in a way that it pulls all Bills in the Pending Approval status from NetSuite and starts the respective approval workflow for them.

In order to do so, go to the Bill Approval workflow, click on the Add Requester button under the Pull from Oracle NetSuite tab and enter a Requester:

When finished, don't forget to update/activate the workflow.
All Bills pulled from NetSuite will be created in the name of the user who was selected as the Requester.

Unfortunately, ApprovalMax does not know the details of who has created which Bill in NetSuite, so all Bills are created in the name of the particular user selected in the "Pull from Oracle NetSuite" step.

Therefore, we recommend selecting a generic email address at that point, such as, because this user will be notified about key Bill events like approvals, rejections, comments.