How to pull Bills from Xero

How to pull Bills from Xero

You can configure ApprovalMax to retrieve all Bills in the "Submitted for approval" status from Xero and initiate the corresponding approval workflow.

Here's how you can enable the pulling of Bills with this status from Xero:
  1. In the main menu select your Organisation and open "Approval workflows" page under "Workflows and settings" section:

  2. Click on the Bill workflow:
  3. Click on the "Select a Requester" button under "Pulling from Xero" and select a user.
    When pulling Bills from Xero into ApprovalMax, all Bills will be created in the name of a specific user selected during the "Pulling from Xero" step. ApprovalMax does not have visibility into the exact details of who created each Bill in Xero.

    To address this, we suggest selecting a generic email address, such as, during the "Pulling from Xero" step.
    By selecting a generic email address, the user associated with that address will be notified about key Bills events such as approvals, rejections, and comments.

The same way you can select a person to pull POs from Xero.

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