How to prevent Xero Approvers from editing Bills

How to prevent Xero Approvers from editing Bills

If you don't have Approvers who can amend Bills in ApprovalMax and don't want to activate this option either, just do not set the Reviewer matrix. This means: don't add any Approvers of the first step to the Reviewer matrix in the Bill workflow:

If you have Approvers who are able to amend Bills but want to prevent them from editing, just remove all Approvers of the first step from the Reviewer matrix and start over the approval workflow.
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      ApprovalMax allows Approvers who were added to the first step as Reviewers to review and edit Bills during the approval process according to the defined rules: Fields available for modification are: Tax Account Tracking Category Quantity Price* Bill ...
    • How Bill review/ editing can be set up?

      ApprovalMax allows Approvers of the first step added as Reviewers to review and edit a Bill during the approval process. In order to configure Bill review and coding, follow the steps below: In the main menu select your Organisation and open ...
    • Can I edit Bills which Dext has published to ApprovalMax?

      Yes, the Approvers in the first step who were also added as Reviewers can amend Bills that were published to ApprovalMax by Dext. You'll find more details on the Review and Editing feature here.
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      Bill creation There are several ways of creating Bills in ApprovalMax, please follow this link for details: How you can create Bills in ApprovalMax. Bill-to-PO matching The current Bill Approvers, Purchase Order Requesters and Administrators of an ...
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      No, the Review and Editing functionality is supported for Xero Bills only. Purchase Orders can be modified exclusively by the person who created them (the Requester), and only up to the point of full approval. If any changes are applied during the ...