How to handle cases with delivery confirmation/goods receipt (GR) in ApprovalMax

How to handle cases with delivery confirmation/goods receipt (GR) in ApprovalMax

There are generally two ways to handle delivery confirmation.

One option:
You can have a dedicated step for delivery confirmation (GR) in the "Bill creation, review and approval" workflow. By using this method, the Bill Approver confirms that the respective goods have been delivered (goods receipt). Also, the Bill can be matched with a Purchase Order, which is best practice. See how to match Bills with their initial Purchase Order(s) for further information.

Here's an example for illustration:

1. The simplest workflow with a step for delivery confirmation (GR)

2. A Bill with 2 approval steps (GR has been approved/delivery confirmed)

The step for goods receipt has been approved (meaning the goods have actually been delivered), but the bill is not yet invoiced (its status is "Open") and waiting for finance approval.

3. A report shows all open bills awaiting finance approval

The other option:
You can use the "Mark as Billed" button in the Purchase Order. The "Billed" status will be synced to Xero, so the benefit here is that you'll see this reflected in Xero itself.

The term "Mark as Billed" might sound a little confusing when talking about delivery confirmation, but Xero itself actually assumes this button gets clicked when all related Bills have arrived and all goods have been delivered.

It is completely fine to use both these methods simultaneously.

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