How to handle Bills that have been mistakenly approved in ApprovalMax

How to handle Bills that have been mistakenly approved in ApprovalMax

After their final approval, Bills get pushed to the accounting system and it’s no longer possible to edit any Bill data in ApprovalMax.

However, if a Bill should have been rejected due to incorrect data but was instead approved, there are several options to handle such cases in Xero.

Option 1 (using an OCR solution):

  1. In Xero, under "Bills Awaiting Payment", void the Bill that was approved by mistake.
  2. In your OCR application, correct the respective Bill data.
  3. Republish the amended Bill in Xero as "Awaiting Approval".
ApprovalMax will automatically pull this new Bill and initiate the approval process.

Option 2:

  1. Edit and save such Bills in Xero.
This can fix incorrect data but the amended Bill will not go back to ApprovalMax for approval and no audit report will be generated for those changes.

Option 3:

  1. Copy the Bill in question. 
  2. Amend it and submit it for approval; ApprovalMax will then initiate the approval process for this new Bill.
  3. In Xero, under "Bills Awaiting Payment", void the original Bill that was approved by mistake.

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