How to generate backup codes for 2FA?

How to generate backup codes for 2FA?

As a backup method for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), ApprovalMax provides the ability to generate backup codes. These backup codes serve as a reliable and secure method to access your account in case you cannot use the primary 2FA method, such as when you don't have access to your mobile device or the authenticator application.

Here's how the backup codes generation process works in ApprovalMax:
1. Click on your Avatar and open "My profile" settings.  In 2FA section click on the "Edit" button. 

2. Confirm your action with authenticator code or use alternative method. 

3. Click on "Add" next to "Backup codes" to generate Backup Codes. 

4. When you generate backup codes in ApprovalMax, a set of 10 codes is created for your use. Each backup code generated can only be used once. Once a backup code is utilized for authentication, it becomes invalid and cannot be used again.
If you need to generate a new set of backup codes, you have the flexibility to do so. However, please be aware that generating a new set of codes will render all of the previous codes invalid. 
It's important to keep track of the backup codes and ensure their secure storage. Tick the checkbox to confirm you have saved backup codes and click on "Done".

When using a backup code, you will need to enter it during the login process in place of the regular 2FA method. This code will serve as a temporary authentication measure to grant you access to your ApprovalMax account.
Note: When entering the Backup code, ensure you input it without spaces (eight numbers in a row).


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