How to delete (offboard) a user in ApprovalMax (QuickBooks Online)

How to delete (offboard) a user in ApprovalMax (QuickBooks Online)

What is the Offboarding feature?

The Offboarding feature allows you to delete (offboard) users without leaving unnecessary traces that would block other operations in this Organisation. You can also replace offboarded users in their role as authors of requests in the workflows.

When do you need to offboard users?

When one of the ApprovalMax users leaves an Organisation, you’ll need to adjust the workflows/requests this user has participated in, and also remove all delegations this user holds. 

Who can offboard users?

Only Administrators or Account Owners can offboard in their Organisation users that have a User, Auditor, or Administrator role. The Account Owner cannot get offboarded.

How to offboard a user

  1. Go to Organisation > Users.
  2. Hover over the respective user and click on OFFBOARD:

  3. In the pop-up window you'll see all approval workflows this person is involved in, along with the affected workflow steps and the respective user roles:

    For each workflow you have a choice: either just remove the user by clicking on REMOVE FROM WORKFLOWS, or specify others users as a replacement first and then click on REMOVE FROM WORKFLOWS.

  4. In the next screen, you'll see all open requests this person is involved in as an Approver.
    You can now either select the same replacement for all open requests:

    Or pick a particular person for each document that’s pending approval:

    When finished, click on OFFBOARD in the upper right-hand corner.
Please note: you can delete a user who is a Requester from workflows, however, it is not possible to remove/replace such a user as the Requester from/in already created requests.