How to create Xero Bills for approval in ApprovalMax

How to create Xero Bills for approval in ApprovalMax

There are several options for creating Bills which are then run through the approval workflow in ApprovalMax. Each one has advantages as well as disadvantages, depending on your business needs. In general, we have five categories:
  1. Bill creation in Xero
  2. Bill creation via OCR tools
  3. Bill creation in ApprovalMax 
  4. Bill creation via direct integration between ApprovalMax and Dext
  5. Copy Bill from PO in ApprovalMax

Bill creation in Xero

You can create Bills manually in Xero, or use Xero's Email-to-Bill function. Bills created in Xero must have the status "Awaiting Approval", which enables ApprovalMax to pull them over for the approval workflow. Please also have a look at our two articles on how to set up pulling Bills from Xero and how to pull Bills from Xero.

Bill creation via OCR tools

ApprovalMax is compatible with any OCR tool, so you can choose the one you prefer. As long as the tool allows to create Bills in Xero with the status "Awaiting Approval", ApprovalMax can process them. The OCR tools on the (incomplete) list below have proven to work well with ApprovalMax:
  1. Hubdoc

Direct Dext to ApprovalMax integration

Integrating Dext with your ApprovalMax "Bill review and approval" workflow enables Dext to push cost items directly to ApprovalMax. ApprovalMax will then run them through the predefined "Bill review and approval" workflow and, after full authorisation, push them to Xero in the status "Awaiting Payment".
For more details, please have a look at our information on the direct Dext to ApprovalMax integration.

Bill creation in ApprovalMax

You can add Requesters to the Bill creation function.

The Requester matrix settings work the same way as those in the Purchase Order Requester matrix.
All Requesters you add to the "Create Bill" step in the "Bill review and approval" workflow get access to Bill creation in ApprovalMax by clicking on .

In your organisation, select "Bill" and click on "CREATE REQUEST".
You can now enter the Bill details and even attach the original invoice as a file.

When you submit the Bill for approval, it will run through the predefined workflow. Once all approvals are in place, the Bill will be pushed to Xero in the status "Awaiting Payment" and include a detailed audit trail of the entire workflow as well as all attached documents.

Copy Bill from PO in ApprovalMax

ApprovalMax allows to copy Bills from approved POs. For details please refer to How to copy Xero PO to a Bill.

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