How to create QuickBooks Online Bills for approval in ApprovalMax

How to create QuickBooks Online Bills for approval in ApprovalMax

There are several options for creating Bills which are then run through the approval workflow in ApprovalMax. Each one has advantages as well as disadvantages, depending on your business needs. Among them: 
  1. NOT SUPPORTED: Pulling Bills from QuickBooks Online
  2. Bill creation in ApprovalMax

Bill creation in QuickBooks Online

Pulling existing Bills from QuickBooks Online to ApprovalMax is currently not possible because the QuickBooks Online API doesn't allow ApprovalMax to do this.

Direct Dext to ApprovalMax integration 

Integrating Dext with your ApprovalMax "Bill Creation and Approval" workflow enables Dext to push cost items directly to ApprovalMax. ApprovalMax will then run them through the predefined "Bill Creation and Approval" workflow and, after full authorisation, push them to QuickBooks Online.

Bill creation in ApprovalMax

In ApprovalMax, you can create Bills in the same way you create Purchase Orders:

First, set up the "Bill creation and approval" workflow with Requesters, approval steps and Approvers. Use the Requester matrix and Approval matrix just as you do for the Purchase Order workflow:

All Requesters you add to the "Bill Creation" step in the "Bill Creation and Approval" workflow will have access to Bill creation in ApprovalMax via the   buttoin the top right-hand corner:

In your Organisation, select "Bill" and click on "CREATE A REQUEST".

You can now enter the Bill details and attach the original invoice as a file. This form looks similar to both the Purchase Order request form and the respective form in QuickBooks Online:

When you then submit the Bill for approval, it will run through the predefined workflow. Once all approvals are in place, the Bill will be pushed to QuickBooks Online and include a detailed audit trail of the entire workflow as well as all attached documents.

Copy Bill from PO

It is possible to copy fully approved in ApprovalMax QuickBooks Online PO to a Bill. For more details please refer to: How to copy QuickBooks Online PO to a Bill?